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Castle Donington College Case Study

Providing the college with the latest technology to aid learning and development in the classroom.

The Challenge

The classrooms in the college had not been updated for a very long time, some of the projectors and whiteboards were 8-10 years old.  There was a mixture of old interactive whiteboards and projectors from different vendors.  With some classrooms having two non-working whiteboards.

The age of the projectors meant that bulbs would blow frequently which was costing the college around £50 each time, however the more pressing concern was that each time a bulb blew, the teacher would be without the means of presenting to the class.  This was negatively affecting the teaching and learning experience in the classroom.

Furthermore, the projectors installed were of such low quality that the display would not be visible with the slightest bit of sunlight combined with the fact that the wiring for the existing A/V solution was of poor quality, and in some instances could have been regarded as being dangerous due to hanging cables.

Finally, like many schools and colleges, Castle Donington College was feeling the strain of an increasingly shrinking budget for classroom equipment. Replacing projectors with expensive interactive screens would have meant that only 4 rooms could have been updated per year.

With a budget of just £10,000 the college needed to update 11 classrooms.

“The teachers have had to put up with second class equipment for a long time” stated Jeremy from the college.

The Solution

To remove unnecessary existing equipment from classrooms including old projectors, unattractive mounts and old SMART boards, allowing teachers to utilise previously occupied wall space for displays.

To supply pull down screens which sit on top of standard whiteboards.  Allowing a premium display solution for teachers, as well as allowing for interactivity where required.

To supply smart, sleek and consistent IT solutions to all 11 classrooms.  Introducing Casio XJ-V2-UJ projectors which were chosen for two key reasons:

  • LED projector – meaning that the bulbs wouldn’t need to be replaced for the life of the projector.
  • The projector has a brightness of 3000 ANSI lumens which provides screen visibility even when the sun is out.
David and The ICC Group have been great partners on this project and were always on hand to answer any queries or issues we had. Aaron, Network Manager at Castle Donington College, October 2018.

The Result

The college is pleased with their new technology which is working well for both the classroom teachers and students.  Classroom technology and visual aids are an increasingly important part of learning and child development within schools.

One of the classroom teachers, Ed said that “The new projectors have made a massive difference.  Having a larger, brighter screen has meant that we can show course material to the whole class.  The improvement over the old SMART boards is incomparable”.

Jack, a student at the college also confirmed this, stating that “The new screens have meant that we can actually see the board even if we’re sitting at the back of the class.  We can see what the teachers are talking about now!”

Finally, the College Network Manager, Aaron was delighted with the end result and the service provided by ICC stating “David and The ICC Group have been great partners on this project and were always on hand to answer any queries or issues we had.”

The ICC Group are now looking forward to continuing their relationship with the college for the next round of installs already in the works.

Case Study Outline

Service/Solution provided: A/V Solution in 11 Classrooms

ICC Account Manager: David Hulse


  • 11 classrooms with inadequate projectors & SMART boards
  • Incompatible mismatch of technology from different vendors
  • Projector bulbs requiring frequent replacement


  • LED projectors with bulbs that will not need replacing for the life of the product
  • 3000 ASI lumens providing screen visibility even in bright conditions
  • Reliable technology to enhance learning & development in the classroom
  • Improved system maintainability


Castle Donington College is a reputable comprehensive high school in Derby.  The College was granted Academy status in 2012.  Even more significantly the school were granted permission from the DfE to become an 11-16 age school from 2017 – they are now able to see their children develop through the years right through to their GCSEs.  The quality of education provided and high expectations of their students both academically and socially are a strong ethos throughout the school.

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