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Continuity Plan - Covid-19

Continued IT Support: Business Continuity Plan and Customer Assurance

The End of Lockdown Rules!

Update 19th July 2021

Today marks the day that England has moved to the final stage of easing Covid restrictions.

Although these restrictions have now been eased (see diagram below), we will continue to proceed our daily duties at ICC with caution.

All employees will continue to take regular lateral flow tests to keep the risk to a minimum and we will continue to wear face masks for onsite engineering and customer visits.  Keeping health and safety at the forefront of our day-to-day activities.

Our phased return to work is already in place, with employees working on a regular rota back at our offices.  The whole team is available via the usual means of communication and please be assured that it is business as usual.

If you have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us on 033 220 0413.

Making IT Happen

You can read more explanation on the BBC news website about Covid rules: Is lockdown ending on 19 July?  This also explains the differences between the rules that are changing in Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Covid Restriction changes 19th July 2021

Service Delivery Continues

Update 24th February 2021

As you are probably aware, Boris Johnson announced details of the plans to gradually unlock England, earlier this week.

We would like to reassure our partners and customers that these restrictions do not affect our service delivery and we continue to be fully operational.

Pre-site visit Covid testing is available as a value-added service to our customers to ensure engineers are clear of the virus at the time of despatch, all you need to do is let us know.

As always, the ICC team are available to contact through the usual channels by phone, email or meetings through Microsoft teams.

We are here to assist you so please do get in touch if you have any support requirements or concerns on 0333 220 0413.


For information, here is an summarised outline of what the Government has proposed as a four-stage timetable, which applies to England:

Stage 1a: 8th March

  • Schools re-open and all students to return
  • People can meet one other person outside (not just for exercise)
  • ‘Stay at Home’ order remains in place

Stage 1b: 29th March

  • Outdoor gatherings allowed for up to six people or two households
  • Outdoor sport allowed
  • People encouraged to stay local
  • Work from home where possible – no overseas travel

Stage 2: 12th April

  • Reopening of non-essential retail, hairdressers & libraries
  • Most outdoor venues to open including pubs & restaurants using space outside
  • Indoor leisure facilities to open such as gyms and pools but restrictions apply

Stage 3: 17th May

  • Most mixing rules lifted outdoors
  • Indoor mixing allowed up to 6 people or two households
  • Indoor venues such as pubs and restaurants, hotels, cinemas etc will reopen
  • International holidays could resume subject to review

Stage 4: 21st June

  • All legal limits removed on mixing
  • Last sectors of venues to reopen such as nightclubs
  • Changes to wider social distancing measures to be reviewed

Further Government guidance can be found here: Prime Minister sets out roadmap to cautiously ease lockdown restrictions.

Lockdown #3

Update 5th January 2021

Following the latest announcement from the Government, enforcing a third National lockdown with immediate effect, we would like to reassure customers and partners, once again, that we are continuing to provide front line IT support and services and we remain fully operational.

ICC’s key workers are continuing to deliver engineering support and services to customers.  Hardware spares availability will continue throughout the lockdown restrictions and deliveries will be as normal.  The rest of the team will continue to work remotely and are contactable in the usual ways.

We are now providing a pre-site visit Covid testing service to ensure engineers are clear of the virus at the time of despatch, see further details below and contact us if you require this value-added service.

The latest National lockdown information, which applies to England, can be found here:

‘Stay at Home – Protect the NHS – Save Lives’

As always, we are here to assist you so please do get in touch if you have any support requirements or concerns on 0333 220 0413.

Although it is not the start to the new year that we had all hoped for, there is light at the end of the tunnel, and we wish everyone a positive and more prosperous 2021.

Pre-Site Visit Covid Testing

Update 17th December 2020

We are pleased to be able to offer a pre-site visit Covid test to enable our engineers to be despatched as ‘Covid clear’ before they arrive on site.

  • Accuracy of 97.8% (IgM) and 99.6% (IgG)
  • CE Certified
  • Identifies infection before symptoms

If any customers require this service, please request at the time of raising a support ticket.  *we have a limited stock so it is subject to availability

As always, we continue to follow the government guidelines and stringent Covid safe procedures.  However, we hope this additional service offering will go some way to ensure that we keep our customers as safe as possible during these difficult times.

As we reach the end of 2020, we look forward to the New Year which we hope will bring a brighter and more positive start to the year for all our customers, partners and employees.


Second Lockdown for One Month

Update 3rd November 2020

Following the recent Government announcement of a second lockdown, starting on Thursday 5th November, we would like to assure customers and partners that we are continuing to provide IT support and services.

ICC’s key workers are continuing to deliver engineering support and services to customers.  Hardware spares availability will continue throughout the lockdown restrictions and deliveries will be as normal.

We remain fully operational including the running of our logistics, distribution centres, refurbishing workshops and customer service support helpdesk.  We are all available to contact through the usual channels by phone, email, web chat or Microsoft teams.

As always, we are here to support and assist you through these challenging times.Read the latest news here: BBC News – Coronavirus pandemic.

New Three Tier Restrictions

Update 20th October 2020

Following the announcement and implementation of the new three tier restrictions that have come into force in England, we now must take careful consideration of customers, partners and employees within specific locations, across the UK.

3 tier restrictions table

For more information about the 3-tier system and to check your area, click through to this BBC news link.

Here at ICC, we have established safe working practices and we continue to support your IT requirements and to support business continuity.

As always, we are here to assist you, please get in touch if you need any support on 0333 220 0413.

Kind regards



Hands – Face  –  Space

Update 14th September 2020

The Government announced last week that new rules apply socially, limiting groups to a maximum of 6 people, taking effect from Monday 14th September.

Although these new rules do not apply to workplaces, we would like to reassure our customers and partners that we are continuing to take great care when working externally with customers and within our own physical working environment across the business.

We have adopted a remote working rota which is established and is working well for the business.  Our Covid-safe practices in the offices are running smoothly and are fully adopted by every member of ICC.

The whole team at ICC can be contacted in the usual ways via email, telephone, web chat or Microsoft teams.

If you require any assistance or support with your IT infrastructure, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Positivity Breeds Positivity

Update 24th July 2020

Amidst all the doom and gloom globally, here at ICC we all acknowledge a lot of businesses, people and sectors are struggling out there.

However, there is nothing wrong with some positive news, as we believe positivity breeds positivity, which helps to drive us all forward to regain economy momentum.

By continuing to invest and develop our portfolio of products and services and by remaining agile in our approach, we are proud that the ICC team has continued to develop.  Here are some of the important changes that are currently being implemented to provide business continuity to our customers:

  • We are pleased to announce seven new team members who will be joining The ICC Group within the next few weeks and we look forward to welcoming them onboard.
  • We are in the process of completing our new Basingstoke sales and service centre, therefore providing a more efficient service to our customers based in the south of England.
  • We are finalising our new remote monitoring management (RMM) tool to ensure business continuity in the new commercial world, watch out for updates coming soon!
  • We are commencing another new apprenticeship scheme which will be starting in September.

We are pleased to welcome back those that were on furlough and we look forward to establishing new ways of working with a remote working rota in place, as a complete and fully operational team here at ICC.

Please do stay in touch with us by communicating with us through the usual channels.

We are here to assist and support you.


Keeping Risk to a Minimum

Update 23rd June 2020

As we start the 14th week of lock-down, and following a stringent risk assessment and continued risk management, we are confident that our new working practices are Covid-secure.  Safe working practices including physical distancing have been put in place and communicated across the business, for the safety of our employees and stakeholders.

Yesterday we implemented rapid Antibody testing at head office to ensure the health and safety of staff and to help reduce the risk of infection across the business.  We are pleased to report that all staff tested negative which means that no antibodies were detected and there were no cases of having Covid-19.

Antibody Testing at ICC

We are continuing to take safe working measures and social distancing practices for staff that are keeping ICC operational at HQ within engineering, helpdesk support, internal refurbishing workshops, logistics and warehouse distribution.  Whilst the rest of the team that can, are continuing to work remotely.

If you require IT services or if you need help to prepare and plan change to your IT infrastructure, get in touch with us to find out how we can support your needs.

With best wishes for a safe and steady return to business from the ICC Team.

First Steps Towards the New Normal

Update 8th June 2020

We are gradually phasing the ICC team back to our offices with social distancing and safe working practices in place.  It will take a bit of time for everyone to adjust to the new ways of working.  Our phased return and remote working rota will ensure that less than 50% of our employees will be physically in the office at any one time.

This first step towards the new normal will ensure that we can continue to support our customer and partner needs and requirements.  Our office-based and remote working teams are fully operational including the running of our distribution centres, logistics, refurbishing workshops, and service support helpdesk.  We continue to support your requirements including hardware procurement, supply and wrap around professional services.

Please do stay in touch with us by communicating with us through the usual channels.

We are here to assist and support you.

Preparing for Change

Update 22nd May 2020

At ICC, we are preparing for change and a new way of working for our future.  We are in the process of introducing new working policies and procedures, which outline safe working practices and social distancing.  If Government guidelines allow, we plan for our remote working employees to be on a phased return from 1st June onwards, with a continued remote working rota.  This will enable ICC to operate at 50% office capacity to facilitate safe working.

As we prepare for the new ‘normal’, we will of course be listening to government advice and guidelines, taking action or making changes, as and when required.

In the meantime, our IT support services remain fully operational and our hardware resource is fully stocked with UK same day or next day delivery available.  European and worldwide deliveries may be slower than normal but continue to be available with minimal restrictions in place.

Let us know if you require any support as we all begin to think about business as usual.  If you would like to set up a Teams or Zoom meeting to discuss your requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us – see our contact information in the footer below.

Stay Alert – Control the Virus – Save Lives

Update 11th May 2020

After Boris Johnson’s lock-down update on Sunday evening, we would like to update you on ICC’s status, following the new rules that have been set out.

The ICC continuity team remain fully operational with key staff working from our offices whilst ensuring ‘Covid-secure’ practices.  The rest of the team will continue to work remotely and remain contactable through the usual communication channels.

Our engineers will continue to use protective equipment for essential on-site visits, and we reiterate that we are permitted to provide technical and maintenance support to our customers.

Please do get in touch if you have any requirements for hardware or technical support.  We are here to help and support our customers to ensure business-critical IT infrastructures continue to operate.

Following the somewhat confusing message from Boris, it would appear that a great amount of common sense is required of the nation to ensure that social distancing with people outside of their household is still followed.  We must all do our part to ensure the rate of infection (r) remains below one to cut the virus’s ability to spread.

If you do have any concerns or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0333 220 0413.

We are here to support and assist you.


Fully Operational IT Support & Services

Update 29th April 2020

Following Boris Johnson’s return to work on Monday, he urged people not to lose patience with the lock-down and his message to continue to stay at home is still very prominent.

At ICC we continue to ensure that all of our staff take the necessary precautions to be able to continue to deliver fundamental functions of IT service and support to customers in a multitude of front-line services, operating safely and within government guidelines.

Raising Service Tickets

Our 24×7 helpdesk support are still operating at full capacity.  ICC are permitted, as an essential services business, to provide technical support and technology infrastructure maintenance.  If an issue cannot be resolved remotely or by parts only supply, on-site support for essential business can be provided.

Requesting Parts

ICC are one of the UK’s largest stockist on most tier one vendors and with five distribution centres we meet customer needs throughout the UK.  Therefore, hardware requirements can be met without delay and within customer SLAs.  We are very proud to announce our SLA rate has not decreased in these uncertain times.

Protection for On-site Visits

If on-site support is required, our experienced field service engineers have authorisation and the necessary documents to be able to provide on-site support and maintenance services.  Our engineers wear masks and gloves to protect themselves and our customers whilst on-site, and practice social distancing.

Value Added Services to Ensure Business Continuity

We can also offer a full range of professional services such as deployment, IMAC, hardware “hot spares”, SLA uplifts, extended warranty support and full Remote Monitoring services from our 24×7 NOC.  Ensuring our partners are kept operational and avoiding any downtime and disruption.  Now more than ever we are working to keep our customers 100% reliable and operational from an IT perspective.


IT Support Delivered to Key Services

Update 17th April 2020

Following the Government announcement to extend the lock down for a further 3 weeks, we would like to confirm that our position still remains the same.

ICC continue to be fully operational and available to support our customer’s requirements for technical support and hardware supply.  Our distribution centres are fully stocked which means that we can continue to supply and fulfil customer needs without delay.

Our service delivery statistics have been released for the first quarter of 2020, these demonstrate a high level of first time fix rates across all managed services contracts and quick and efficient response rates.  If you would like to see our infographic and latest statistics update, please follow this link: ICC Customer Service Delivery Statistics – January to March 2020

In the meantime, we are here to support and assist you during these difficult times.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any issues or concerns.

Update 8th April 2020

ICC continue to be fully operational.  We are ready to support customers to aid their business continuity and smooth running of IT infrastructures through these difficult and uncertain times.  Our helpdesk is running as usual, so please raise a ticket for your IT problems or issues you may be experiencing.  We’re here to help and support you!

Just a reminder that we offer support for hardware reaching end of support (EOSL) from the original manufacturer.  If any of your business-critical IT is reaching end of support or end of contract, please get in touch to find out how we can help you.  Benefits of extending support through ICC include significant cost savings, reliable and expert multi-vendor technical support, replacement parts in stock and ready to ship or available for on-site delivery and installation.  If you are unsure of EOSL dates you can check out our multi-vendor library of dates here.  There are some NetApp and Cisco servers and storage that are reaching EOSL at the end of April 2020.

We are also offering emergency spares kits (see details below).

Call us on 0333 220 0413 for any concerns or queries, we are here to assist you.

Continued Service Delivery to Critical Businesses

Update 30th March 2020

Following on from last week’s activity, we would like to confirm that we are still fully operational.  Our offices remain open for our key workers to deliver fundamental functions of IT service and support to business-critical customers.

Parts are still being dispatched from our warehouse and spares locations.  Our engineers are fully operational for support and project work for business-critical needs.  Inventory levels and hot spot areas are being regularly monitored.

New PSL Location in London

Due to the outbreak in London, we have opened another PSL location in Wapping, East London.  This is to ensure engineers can respond quickly and so that the capital has parts availability and support.  This is also to enable partners the option of spares if required in this area.

Update 24th March 2020

Following strict guidelines from the Government yesterday evening, we would like to update you on our current service provision.

We are defined within the key workers category, to service our critical business customers and we are therefore elected to stay open.  We would like to reassure these customers that we will provide continued service and support for as long as we possibly can.

We have the logistical capacity to offer hot spares on site as a parts provisioning IT support business.  We have established a 3-tier contingency plan for our engineering resource (see further details below).

Emergency Spares Kit

To enhance your business critical IT infrastructure during lock down and with the potential issue of you not having spares, we can offer you an emergency spares kit to ensure uptime .  We can remotely review your hardware portfolio and provide an onsite spares kit to keep you operating throughout this unknown and unprecedented period of time. Speak to your account manager to discuss this in more detail. This can be charged as a monthly uplift to your existing contract, or as an ad hoc service.

COVID-19 Business Continuity Planning (BCP)

Update 20th March 2020

We would like to reassure you that we are taking a proactive approach to protecting our workforce, customers and families during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Following a business impact analysis (BIA) and ongoing business continuity management, a three-tier resource plan has been implemented across all business-critical staff at the ICC Group which consist of the following business functions: Helpdesk, Workshop Engineers, Logistics and Field Engineers.

In the event of any of these business-critical staff becoming isolated this will fall to a second and then a third-tier resource, ensuring service delivery continuity to meet our contractual obligations.

All engineers are within 1 hour of an ICC stocking location where all regional spares have been reviewed and increased to support potential failures for an extended period.

Independent, remote working will ensure we are still able to service customers within the agreed SLA whilst spares are available in various locations.

We will continue to monitor developments, and we will take appropriate steps which are consistent with the NHS and government recommendations.

We will keep you updated on a regular basis.

Kind regards


Leon Wheeler


Business Continuity Plan

Update 11th March 2020

We would like to provide assurance to our customers that we have the following business continuity plan and business processes in place in the event of a Coronavirus outbreak within the business.  We have also issued a statement that applies to all employees at ICC, these preventative measures have been communicated and implemented internally across the company, to limit the potential spread of the virus.

ICC operates out of three offices in different geographical locations throughout the UK along with other PSL’s, these are:

  1. Wetherby (Head Office), West Yorkshire
  2. Castle Donington, East Midlands
  3. Wokingham, South East

Continued Support Plan

We will, as far as possible, achieve business continuity for all our customers through the following key points.  This should allow ICC to operate as normal if any of the above sites are affected:

  • All ICC engineers are based in different locations around the country so are not centrally located.
  • All calls logged can be seen by each engineer in each area as soon as it is reported enabling handover to another engineer if required.
  • We hold over 350k line items of maintenance spares in each ICC location along with other PSL’s enabling 12-18 months supply chain fulfilment.
  • System and data replication is across multiple sites, on multiple hardware platforms, with multiple management structure, so outage is not an option as part of our ISO accreditations.
  • We use cloud based services for our mail and Helpdesk customer support.
  • Internal hygiene advice and procedures have been communicated and implemented throughout the company and locations.

We will endeavour to continue to provide the current level of service that you would expect to receive from ICC.

Business continuity is at the heart of what we do.

If you have any further concerns, please do not hesitate to call us on 0333 220 0413.

Keep in touch with ICC