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Nexsan EOSL

The ICC Group can provide specialist supply and support for the full Nexsan portfolio, please request a quote for support through the enquiry form below.
EOSL Support Enquiry
Beast BT60V(T) Q2/2024
Assureon Intel Server 31/12/2023
NST/Unity 20000, 4000 & 6000 30/08/2022
E18V/E18VX 31/07/2022
E32V/E32VX, E48V(T) & E60V(T) 30/09/2021
NST5100, 5300 30/06/2020
Beast 2.5 31/12/2019
Transporter (Business) 01/09/2019
E18/E18X (3G Ctrl), E48/E48X (3G Ctrl) & E60/E60X (3G Ctrl) 17/08/2019
NST5500 30/05/2019
NST6xxx Metro Cluster 31/12/2018
Assureon Dell 710 31/12/2017
Assureon Dell 620 31/12/2017
Assureon Dell 610 31/12/2017
Beast 2 31/12/2017
Boy 2 31/12/2017
Transporter (Consumer) 01/09/2017
Beast 1.5 24/12/2014
Boy 1 30/06/2014

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Nexsan EOSL Support Enquiry

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Understanding EOSL

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Third Party Maintenance Support

Delve deeper into the benefits of securing TPM support to maximise the return on your IT investment, save money on your IT maintenance and extend the life of your technology.

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