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Extended Warranty IT Support

Extended Warranty IT Support: Protect your technology

With difficult, uncertain and unknown times ahead, it is now more important than ever to protect your technology for as long as possible until it is time to renew.  It makes good business sense to maintain existing business-critical technology when there is no real need to upgrade it. With an extended warranty through third party support, you can ensure your hardware is protected through a cost effective solution to stretch your IT budget.  

What is an Extended Warranty IT Support?

An extended warranty is an agreement between a business and a third party maintenance (TPM) company such as The ICC Group, providing assurance after your original equipment manufacturer (OEM) warranty ends.  It is usually referred to as a maintenance or break-fix contract which guarantees your technology when it fails.  

There are varying service level agreements (SLAs) which offer flexible options for onsite engineering, response/fix times, spare parts to site etc which can be associated with multiple vendor technologies with different SLAs all under one manageable contract.

Why Choose to Extend your Warranty?

When an original warranty expires there may be no immediate need to upgrade the hardware, which could be costly and disruptive to your business.  By extending your warranty you can ensure your existing business-critical hardware is protected with continued and reliable support.  

Extending your warranty support through a TPM provider offers many benefits and of course peace of mind if anything goes wrong.  Your hardware is critical to your business and is an important, expensive, investment which is why third party support is the best way to extend its life and ‘sweat’ your assets.  

What are the benefits?

  • Multi-vendor hardware protected under one contract
  • Flexible SLAs to suit your business needs
  • Extended life of your hardware
  • Maximises return on your IT investment
  • Reduces disruption and risk

Multi vendor accredited engineers at ICC

Why Choose ICC to Extend Your Warranty?

With over 22 years of industry leading break fix maintenance support, The ICC Group is a recommended partner to extend your warranty on multiple hardware technologies.  ICC’s aim is to deliver cost-effective maintenance support that meets and exceeds your IT goals.

  • Multi-vendor technical support under one contract
  • Inventory distribution centres with over 350,000 parts
  • 24/7/365 helpdesk support
  • Multi-vendor accredited engineers
  • Full UK coverage & quick response times
  • Flexible SLAs to suit your requirements
  • Cost savings compared to OEM
  • Multi-platform support including legacy systems
  • Industry leading first time fix rates

With reliable, flexible and experienced specialist support from ICC, don’t delay in getting in touch to ensure your technology devises are supported and protected now and in the future.  Find out how much you could save through ICC TPM support.

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