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Helpdesk Growth at The ICC Group

The ICC Group are pleased to share details of our recently expanded Helpdesk team based at our Head Office in Wetherby.  Our helpdesk personnel have increased significantly to ensure that we continue to provide excellent customer service and support to our expanding customer base.

ICC Helpdesk Facility

Our 24/7/365 helpdesk service is designed to ensure the fastest possible solution of IT support problems as well as optimising communication and transparency to our customers.  Our helpdesk facility enables customers to instantly report cases, track incident progress, view how change requests are handled and use the online knowledge base which details site equipment, setup and history.

The ICC Group Helpdesk Facility

Incident Logging

Logging an incident is easy and transparent, customers can report any IT support incident by ringing our 24/7 helpdesk number or by logging the incident on our web-based helpdesk portal.  Once it is logged customers receive a confirmation email or SMS and the SLA timer starts.

ICC has a commitment to ISO 20000 certification which is focused on IT service management (ITSM) to ensure processes are aligned with the business using best practices.   Therefore, ensuring procedures are in place to ensure reports are investigated by the right technician and resolved in the most efficient and effective way, meeting SLA timings.

Customers can track the status of the reported incident online and check the activities performed to investigate the call.

Flexible SLA Engagement

ICC provide flexible, tailored SLAs to suit business needs and budgets.  For example, a customer could have a 4-hour fix on mission-critical servers; next business day response on the less critical devices; and a 3-day non-urgent SLA on development machines – all available on a single service contract.

Customers have login access to the online helpdesk portal to view all on-site asset information, outstanding and closed calls, site information documents and other information that is relevant to site equipment and setup.  Our dedicated support team can instantly view change request history so that problems can be addressed in the most efficient manner.

Key Helpdesk Benefits:

  • Incident logging and reporting
  • Automatic routing of incidents to the appropriate team member
  • Notifications and status updates via email and/or SMS
  • Recorded service level times, including time spent on actions and at locations
  • Online documentation trail to track incident status and activities performed

ICC’s Expanding Helpdesk

Charlie Fayers, Helpdesk Manager at The ICC GroupCharlie Fayers, Helpdesk Manager, said “It’s amazing to see how quickly the helpdesk has grown and developed.  It’s been a busy year so far for the helpdesk team and we have grown exponentially as The ICC Group expands across the UK.  We’re very excited for new opportunities on the horizon.”

Meet Some of the New ICC Helpdesk Team Members

James – Helpdesk Team Leader

James - Helpdesk at The ICC Group

Although James has been working for ICC since March 2010, he has recently been promoted as helpdesk Team Leader in early June 2019.  James has a wealth of product knowledge having progressed from Logistics & Warehousing to the helpdesk.  James now oversees the team and manages new and existing tickets that are raised through the service board, which are then distributed to the right team member.  In his spare time, James enjoys spending time with his family and playing sports.

Nathan – Helpdesk Technician

Nathan - Helpdesk at The ICC GroupNathan joined ICC in August 2018 as a Warehouse Operative and soon progressed to the helpdesk to start a new challenge at the beginning of March 2019.  Nathan has good product knowledge through his warehousing and logistics experience.  As well as helpdesk service, his role also includes stock management.  Outside of work and family life, Nathan enjoys music (he’s a great pianist) and gaming.

Ollie – Helpdesk Technician

Ollie - Helpdesk at The ICC GroupOllie started working for ICC in December 2018 and has a great deal of IT service desk experience.  His role within the helpdesk team involves identifying issues, how to resolve them quickly and efficiently and managing raised tickets right through to close of ticket.  Ollie is very sporty and enjoys playing football, cricket and basketball, as well as gaming.

Luke – Helpdesk Technician

Luke - Helpdesk at The ICC GroupLuke joined ICC in November 2018, he came with a wealth of experience in project support and helpdesk service.  His role on the team includes identifying the customer’s issue and finding a solution which may be providing parts or assigning an engineer to the job, right through to close.  Luke loves watching football and enjoys gaming.

David – Helpdesk Technician

David - Helpdesk at The ICC GroupDavid is our newest helpdesk recruit at ICC, he joined us in June 2019 and has previous experience and knowledge of service helpdesk and support.  His role within the team includes updates, ordering of parts, assigning engineers as required and ensuring excellent customer service.  David enjoys spending time with his family, PC gaming and watching motor sports including rallying and motorbike racing.

Nindi – Contracts Administrator

Nindi - Helpdesk at The ICC GroupNindi joined the ICC team in November 2018, her role involves creating contracts for customers and providing service agreements.  Nindi works closely with the helpdesk team and liaises with the customer’s dedicated account manager.  She also has an important role within health & safety.  Nindi enjoys hiking, reading and family life.

For enquiries about our helpdesk service and our flexible service contracts, please call 0333 220 0413.