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Tom - The ICC Group

The ICC Group Apprentice Scheme

We’re very proud to announce Tom Crowther’s achievement of completing this industry recognised apprentice scheme with a distinction here at The ICC Group.

We first started an apprentice scheme in 2011 to develop and encourage junior service engineers with the use of our in-house workshops and guidance from senior service engineers.  The scheme is within a government apprenticeship framework and partnered with a local training provider.

We talked to Tom to find out what the apprentice scheme is all about and what his achievement means to him.

Why did you decide to join the scheme?

In June 2017, I joined the ICC Group, I was keen to develop my skills and I really enjoyed IT, so I decided to apply to the scheme and started the course in September 2017.

What qualification have you been working towards and what did it entail?

On completion of the course I now have a BTEC Level 3 qualification – Infrastructure Technician, which I passed with distinction.

There were 5 exams I had to pass during the course which included:

  • Induction, Networking and Infrastructure
  • Mobile and Desktop Operating Systems
  • Microsoft Cloud Services
  • Business Processes
  • Introduction to Scripting – Coding and Logic

Alongside these courses and exams, I completed a portfolio of examples of work experiences and outcomes of projects to substantiate my learning.  Once I had submitted this portfolio, I had one final synoptic project to complete which involved designing and building three PCs to implement within a company.


What were the most challenging aspects of the scheme?

Some of the courses were quite challenging especially the coding and logic course, it was very different from the usual day to day engineering work.  Also I had to find time in the evenings after work to revise and prepare for the exams and these were taken during a full week at college which was tough going.

What did you think of the course?

I found the course interesting and I enjoyed learning different aspects of engineering.  I also learnt a lot through onsite practical work and projects with the support of senior ICC engineers, which helped to build my confidence.

What advice would you offer to others considering the apprentice scheme at ICC?

It’s a good way to get in to the engineering industry and for me, as it’s my first job, it’s a brilliant start to my career.  The combination of learning the fundamentals in different areas, as well as training and working with everyone at ICC, has been a great experience.  I would recommend the apprentice scheme to anyone who is interested in developing a career in engineering and the support you get from The ICC Group throughout the course is fantastic.

How did you celebrate completing the course?

I was immediately sent out on a new job!  It was a great feeling to complete the course in February 2019 and I treated myself to a new car!

What’s next? What are your plans?

I would like to go on more courses to keep learning and developing in different areas and to progress in my career here at ICC.

Mick Evers, Head of Group Technical Services, said “Congratulations to Tom on the successful completion of his ICC Group apprenticeship scheme.  This is the 8th year ICC has successfully run this industry recognised scheme backed by a BTEC qualification.  Well done Tom on all your effort and hard work.”

The ICC Group Apprentice Scheme

If you are interested in joining the ICC group’s apprentice scheme, we would like to hear from you.  You can get in touch by emailing or calling us on 0333 220 0413 to find out more information and how to apply.

Apprentice Scheme with ICC and York College