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AscdiNatd Membership

ICC Joins The AscdiNatd Association

The ICC Group are pleased to announce new membership of the AscdiNatd Association, alongside like minded technology industry companies, who provide technology solutions to businesses worldwide.  ICC are delighted to be accepted as a new Ascdi association member of such a distinguished association.  We are looking forward to collaborating with members across the globe and being an active member within the organisation.

Leon Wheeler, CEO of the ICC Group, said “One of the main reasons we have joined Ascdi is to strengthen our message, across a global network, of a commitment to both quality and ethics, to ensure existing and prospective customers feel safe and comfortable in the knowledge that we adhere to a global set of trade standards.”

What is AscdiNatd?

A worldwide association that represents companies within the technology industry that provide business solutions, technical support and value added services.   All members distinguish themselves by selling and servicing both new and refurbished technology equipment.  AscdiNatd stands for the Association of Service and Computer Dealers and the North American Association of Telecom Dealers.

Membership is only granted to companies that can provide three recommendations from existing members and members agree to abide by a strict code of ethics.  Membership is therefore ethical and if a company carries the Ascdi Natd logo, you can be rest assured it is a quality business within the industry.

What are the Benefits of Membership?

As well as joining an exclusive and ethical association with members from respected companies across the technology industry globally, there are many benefits of joining, these include: 

  • Upcoming events and virtual informative meetings
  • Global conferences
  • Online Equipment Trading Network 
  • Access to an online history of ethics complaints
  • Legal database of documents
  • Ascdi  monthly newsletter
  • Member news and podcasts
  • Members portal with access to communicate and network with members
  • Online members directory
  • Industry leadership and guidance sharing best practices

Equipment Trading Network (eTN)

The Ascdi equipment trading network is a safe place for resellers to list hardware and broadcast items to buy and sell.  It is a really useful platform to use for brokers who deal in leading tier one vendor products such as IBM, Cisco, HPE and Dell hardware.  Every user has to have stringent reference checks which makes eTN a secure network.  Buyers and sellers also have to abide by the association’s code of ethics.