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Service Delivery Statistics 2021

Customer Service & Helpdesk Support Statistics

The standard of service you receive is of the upmost importance.  Through our management system, we will consistently provide you with the very best technical support, with fast and efficient response times, first time fix rates and meeting SLA targets.

Building relationships is the foundation of what we do.  Understanding the fine details of your requirements allows us to be an extension of your business, helping to enhance your performance through the delivery of our bespoke solutions.

Our goal is to enable you to achieve your technology objectives and become a leader in your sector! We believe our industry leading statistics demonstrate how we can work together to achieve this goal, and deliver on our mission that we work towards every day.

Average Response Time

Speed matters. We understand that when an issue is raised, you expect that issue to be resolved ASAP; and so you should! Our industry leading average response time means an action plan is put in place and communicated to you in under 15 minutes!

In fact, for Q1 2021 April to June, despite the disruption caused by COVID19, we had an average response time of just 7 minutes 53 seconds! Just enough time for you to have quick chin wag in the break room whilst making your next brew. Socially distanced of course…

There are many factors that can cause an increase in response time; such as complicated issues raised, volume of calls, demand for support, skills of technical advisers and parts availability, to name a few.

However, the technical support team continue to deliver an outstanding service despite these added complications. Our average response time statistic is a testament to our highly competent helpdesk support team, their customer service skills and commitment to providing excellent and consistent customer service.

Average Response Time - ICC

Service Level Agreement (SLA) Rate

Working closely together allows us to clearly define the level of service that you expect to receive from us. It is important to build a close relationship so that our Service Level Agreement accurately outlines clear objectives and the performance indicators by which they will be measured.

We are proud to report a Service Level Agreement rate of 98% for Q1 April to June 2021, as an achieved percentage of performance indicators.

Your business-critical technology has never been in safer hands. Through hard work and internal improvements, we continue to successfully hit our target SLA rate.

An SLA contract usually includes the following:

  • Statement of objectives
  • Scope of services to be covered
  • Responsibilities of the service provider
  • Responsibilities of the customer
  • Performance indicators (response times, resolution times etc)
  • Penalties or remedies for contract breach
  • Exclusions from the contract

Average SLA Rate - Q1 April to June 2021

First Time Fix (FTF) Rate

When a high First Time Fix Rate is achieved, it enhances your efficiency, productivity, and can help to reduce costs!

Your time is precious, so our service engineers/technicians being able to fix the issue first time, without the need for additional resource, information or parts is crucial.

Thankfully, we are happy to report an excellent First Time Fix Rate of 97% for Q1 April to June 2021. This industry leading statistic exceeds even our own lofty targets!

Not having to arrange a return to site to fix the issue at another point in time is testament to the strong relationships we build with our customers, along with the outstanding level of service delivered by our team, even with the impact of COVID19 and the additional safety procedures to be followed.

There are many factors that can impact First Time Fix Rate, these include:

  • Availability of parts
  • Customer or asset availability for service
  • An incorrect diagnosis of the issue
  • Engineer or technician without the right skills
  • If the fix was only temporary
  • Covid-19 variables and/or travel restrictions

First Time Fix Rate 97% - ICC

Customer Reviews

Feedback provides essential information and insights into the experience our customers have with our products and services. We can use this feedback, whether positive or negative, to guide improvements and drive positive changes.

We appreciate being rated ‘Excellent’ on TrustPilot with 80 reviews from customers with an overall trust rating of 4.9 out of 5.  The TrustPilot review platform allows customers to give honest feedback with transparency and ensures reviews are legitimate.

If you would like to give us feedback on any aspect of our IT services or support, you can do so through this link: The ICC Group TrustPilot Review Page, we look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your support.

TrustPilot Review June 2021 - ICC

Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)

Customers are at the heart of everything we do. Our mission is to enhance your business performance with our bespoke solutions and exceed your expectations whilst doing so. If you are satisfied, then we are satisfied. That is why we are extremely proud that our CSAT score in Q1 2021 is a perfect score of 100%!

Customer service feedback is important not only to ensure we are delivering good customer service but also to highlight areas that may require improvement.  We try to make the process simple through a variety of means including website contact forms, live chat, customer portal, email and telephone. If you would like to leave feedback, you can do so through this link: ICC Helpdesk Survey. We would love to hear about your customer service experiences.

CSAT Score 100% - ICC

Service Delivery Statistics 2021

Here we show our service delivery statistics month by month in 2021, it highlights our KPI targets and actual average statistics reported by month.  As mentioned above, there are many factors that cause fluctuations, however overall we can demonstrate competent, transparent and consistent industry leading statistics.

Service Delivery statistics 2021

Service Delivery Statistics 2020

This table shows our service delivery statistics per month in 2020, highlighting our targets and reporting an overall annual average for 2020.  It shows more granular statistics which fluctuate from month to month, caused by different impacting factors, as mentioned above.

We are pleased to report industry leading and consistent statistics throughout the whole year of 2020, and we are proud to have exceeded our targets.

Service Delivery Statistics 2020


Making IT Happen and excellent service management is at the heart of what we do.  

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