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ICC’s Rebranding Story

There has been no significant change to the ICC branding for over 5 years, and we feel that it is somewhat dated within the IT industry.  We think 2019 is the perfect year for a new look with fresh colours, images and a brand-new website.  These are ICC’s reasons for rebranding.

  1. Repositioning

One of the main reasons for our rebrand is to reposition the company as a business delivering an array of products and services.  Since 2017 ICC have been known as a business delivering  Enterprise IT services and products and yet our branding hasn’t reflected this.  The integration of the services and hardware division under one corporate identity solidifies our position as a true end to end leading solution provider delivered by one Group.

  1. Growth

Over recent years ICC has experienced significant company growth and we have felt that we needed to develop a new company image to reflect this and retain a competitive edge within the IT industry.

  1. Alignment

Our logo, website and brochures had a mixed and sometimes confusing message of different designs and images.  Our strategy for rebranding is to bring everything together and align our website and collateral with a new streamlined branding message.

Our Mission

To provide our customers with professional IT solutions that complement their business requirements and exceed their expectations.

Brand Identity

Since May 2019 we have been working with Raw Creative to develop the visual elements to communicate our brand.  We have been thinking about our company name, logo, slogan and colours to develop a new image to reflect our business.   These creative elements help to ensure our brand is implemented consistently across all our marketing materials such as brochures, business cards and collateral.  A new clear brand identity has been formed to enhance our reputation and visibility within the IT industry.

Website & Online Presence

We have recognised the need to redevelop and update our website so that it is user friendly and visually appealing to our audience.  Our website is our most important digital communication tool which allows us to explain our services, history and about the company overall.  It is the first-place prospective customers turn to and we aim to portray our services in an effective and informative manner.  We have been working with Raw Creative to develop a new website which will attract and communicate effectively to our audience whilst also presenting our new brand identity.   We believe our overall online presence such as social media, will also be enhanced by our new brand image.

Marketing Collateral

As part of our rebranding strategy, we have developed all our marketing collateral to reflect our new brand identity which will be used to communicate our message to our customers.  These physical items include company proposals, brochures, flyers and company giveaways.

The Big Brand Launch

We are so excited to launch our new brand on Monday 7th October 2019 and we look forward to communicating our new identity to all our customers and partners.  We hope that our new image will reflect our position as a leading provider of IT enterprise and services and enhance our market position and we hope you like it as much as we do!  Watch this space and keep an eye out for updates coming soon through our social media platforms.