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ISO 14001 Certification

ISO 14001 Certification – The ICC Group

ISO 14001:2015 Achievement

We’re delighted to announce that on 5th December 2019 The ICC Group became ISO 14001 certified.  This is a great achievement for the company and we are very pleased to be accredited with this international standard for Environmental Management.  

Michael Polkinghorne, Head of Group Commercial Services said “It is important to ICC to have the environmental aspect of the business accredited so that we can assure customers, partners and suppliers that we take the necessary steps to minimise the company’s environmental impact and reduce waste.”

ISO 14001 Environmental Management Certification

What is ISO 14001?

International Standards Organisation (ISO) 14001 is the Environmental Management System (EMS) standard which specifies a requirement and a framework to follow to ensure an organisation reduces their environmental impact.  

There are 4 key areas that are covered by the EMS standard, these are:

  1. Environmental Impact
    Setting out and planning an effective Environmental Management System to reduce environmental impact.
  2. Management Responsibility
    Key areas to focus on and to take accountability for.
  3. Resource Management
    Assigning roles to people, as well as within the company infrastructure and facilities to ensure best possible performance.
  4. Measurement, Analysis and Improvement
    How you can demonstrate your EMS plan is working and continuous improvement to the plan and processes in place to ensure it is working.

Key Benefits

The main reason ICC have chosen to be ISO 14001 certified is to ensure we keep our environmental impact to a minimum, there are many benefits of striving to achieve this which include: 

  • A focus on proactive management and continuous improvement
  • To demonstrate environmentally friendly credentials
  • To engage and involve employees
  • To reduce costs and wastage
  • To ensure compliance and legislative awareness
  • To win more business and set us apart from competition
  • To retain existing customers and meet their expectations
  • To improve company reputation

What does this mean for ICC?

With over 21 years experience within the technology industry, we are all too aware of the potential negative environmental impact a company can have. It is important to ICC to demonstrate a commitment to continuous improvement in reducing our environmental impact and to give assurance to our customers that we reduce waste.  Nindi Kaur and Michael Polkinghorne have been working together to prepare for and to be assessed in the key areas of the business as mentioned above.  ICC can now show that commitment today and in the future with ongoing improvements and annual assessments to keep the environmental management certification up-to-date.  The audit, assessment and accreditation was taken through the British Assessment Bureau.

Circular Economy

The ISO 14001 criteria contributes to our ‘circular economy’ process within which we encourage customers to extend the life of their hardware with legacy support, therefore using equipment for as long as possible.  Once technologies reach the very end of life when it can no longer support the business infrastructure we recycle unwanted IT to avoid it going to landfill.  This process significantly reduces our carbon footprint and ensures customers and partners get the very best return on their IT investment.

Circular Economy

All our customers can benefit from this circular economy theory within the technology industry: 

  • Extended life-cycle of business critical IT Infrastructure
  • Cost effective and maximises return on investment
  • Improves carbon footprint & reduces landfill
  • Environmentally friendly adding Corporate green credentials

If you would like to know more about our IT services and support, please do get in touch on 0333 220 0413, we look forward to hearing from you.