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IT Asset Disposal Services at Charles Clinkard

Charles Clinkard

Introduction: The ICC Group has a well-established customer relationship with The Clinkard Group and has recently provided ITAD management services.

Service Solution Provided: ITAD management services

ICC Representative: Dan Dawson, Account Manager

The Challenge

Prior to lock down in 2020, ICC team member Daniel Dawson visited the The Clinkard Group head office in the North of England upon request of their Technology Manager.  He asked if ICC could provide ITAD services to dispose of and/or reuse an array of end of life equipment such as desktop PCs, monitors, point of sale (POS) equipment, IP phones and HDD.

A key stipulation being that data on the hard drives needed to be removed safely and securely and certified by The ICC Group.

They had a requirement to have the equipment removed from head office with the assurance of data protection and GDPR compliance all the way through the process.

  • Disposal service requirement for redundant hardware
  • Data protection & GDPR compliance
  • Secure removal of client data from hardware & IP telephony

The Solution

ICC arranged for a two-man team to collect the equipment with its own tracked vehicle.  The redundant hardware was then taken to ICC’s head office and placed straight into our designated secure ITAD area.

All the equipment was assessed, and all data was removed using our data sanitisation software.  A number of these hard drives could be re-utilised and refurbished presenting a residual value.  Therefore, enabling these items to be recycled, resold and reused.  In fact, a number of the monitors have been earmarked to be given to a local school by way as a charitable donation for use in their own ICT setting and to help with learning how electronic devices work.

The hard drives that were deemed to be inoperable were destroyed using our in-house disk shredding machinery, with as much of the waste as possible being recycled.

An asset list was drawn up of all the equipment with certification of data destruction provided.

  • Free CollectionGreen Credit Technology Recycling
  • Secure data wiping
  • Secure data shredding
  • Certification of destruction – itemised asset list
  • Residual value of assets – The ICC Group Green Credit scheme
  • Circular economy – refurb, re-use, recycle
ICC provided an excellent service collecting our redundant ICT devices, with a swift response and pickup of the hardware, it was a straightforward, no fuss process, handled very professionally by the ICC team. With certifications of HDD’s destroyed to industry best practises, supplied soon after collection, we were more than happy, and the ICC Group will certainly be our go to partner for ITAD services. Roger West, Technology Manager, November 2020

The Result

The Clinkard Group were happy with the ITAD solutions provided.  ICC’s two-man collection ensured the service was quick, easy and hassle free.

As part of our Green Credit offering, ICC provided a free collection service and a charitable donation was given on behalf of the client, to their charity of choice.

  • Quick, easy and hassle-free collection service
  • Assurance of data destroyed securely
  • Technology recycling and prevention of old tech going into landfill
  • Certified destruction of IT assets
  • Green Credit: Charitable donation to chosen charity

What makes ICC stand out to The Clinkard Group?

  • Unique environmentally friendly Green Credit offering
  • ISO & Safe Contractor accredited
  • Equipment recycled under approved WEEE guidelines
  • Great customer service and excellent support
  • Trusted partner for all IT disposal requirements

ICC look forward to providing continued IT services and hardware supply to The Clinkard Group in the future.


Established in 1924, Charles Clinkards is a successful family run supplier of fine footwear which has grown to be an established independent footwear retailer in the North East with head office in Middlesbrough and multitude of stores across the UK.

Clinkards pride themselves with high quality footwear for women, men and children with first class customer service, they have literally put their heart and sole into footwear for over 90 years.

Charles Clinkard Head Office

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