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TPM vs OEM Hardware Lifecycle

IT Hardware Lifecycle: Are you fully supported?

In the current climate, IT departments are evaluating spend; comparing Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) costs versus Third Party Maintenance (TPM).  In this article, we look at the timescales of hardware maintenance support from the OEM, and when it is best to switch to a TPM provider.  This switch is all about timing as well as the many associated benefits of getting extended support, including a significant reduction in cost.

OEM vs TPM IT Equipment Lifecycle

OEM vs TPM Hardware Lifecycle

When you purchase brand new technology the OEM will provide a warranty of up to 3 years which means that you will be fully supported during this time.  OEM support prices will then increase year on year to continue maintenance with them.  By increasing this cost, vendors seem to push customers into feeling the need to refresh and invest in buying new to replace their equipment.  When the OEM announces an End of Service Life (EOSL) date for specific equipment models, the OEM can no longer support this technology. 

In most cases it is more cost effective and productive to seek a TPM provider for hardware support once the equipment has expired from warranty, through to after EOSL announcements. This route of support extends the life cycle of your business-critical IT infrastructure and networking equipment for as long as the technology meets your business requirements, which could be for twelve plus years.

Benefits of Third Party Maintenance (TPM) Support

In addition to being able to support the infrastructure for longer, TPMs enable customers to benefit from a reduction in maintenance spend.  This is due to more competitive maintenance pricing compared to OEM and there is no need to plan a hardware refresh if the systems are stable and reliable, therefore meeting business and application requirements.

The flexibility in coverage options allows customers to target production and non-production equipment for coverage accordingly.  With the emphasis on service delivery that many TPM providers promise, your customer service experience is not bogged down with automated or international call centers, overburdened engineers or parts delays. You can experience greater uptime and more customised perks for your data centre. And you can make the switch to a trusted third-party maintenance provider with confidence.

  • Significantly longer infrastructure support in many cases from 6-12+ years
  • Reduction in maintenance spend compared to OEM
  • Extending the life of your stable and reliable IT infrastructure
  • Flexibility in coverage options and maintenance contracts
  • Excellent customer service 
  • Experience greater uptime & customised perks
  • Access to multi-vendor spares
  • Asset management

Switch to ICC to Make IT Happen

How can a TPM provider add value to your business?

Third Party Maintenance

The Personal Touch

Many TPMs will offer a more personalised and customised service to suit your hardware maintenance support needs.  They will take the time to get to know you and evaluate your business needs in order to develop a solution that is perfectly tailored for you.  They will invest in you as well as your business, because you are the business. 

Responsive to Changing Conditions

TPMs that are creative and nimble are the ones to look out for.  They should be able to react quickly and develop creative, flexible solutions to assist you with your evolving IT estate and priorities.  Companies that invest in their people will ensure regular training and support is available to them, this enables them to stay ahead of the curve.  Up to date knowledge and experience will ensure you are provided with the best solutions as technology changes and evolves.

Flexible and Tailored Solutions

The best TPMs will offer a personal touch both internally and externally; building hardware and software solutions that are tailored to what you require and to enhance your existing IT infrastructure.  You should be able to choose options within your required Service Level Agreement (SLA) so that these criteria match your specific business needs.  A flexible approach to SLAs can offer a more cost effective solution to your hardware maintenance support.

Every Customer is Important

No matter how big or small, every single customer is important.  The retention of existing customers is key by delivering exceptional service.  Successful TPMs will have no shortage of passion and “passion with a purpose” ignites possibilities.  The impact is the full realisation of a kept promise and the foundation of a long-term relationship.  

You should be offered a dedicated account manager so that you always have a single point of contact for technical queries and advice.  A good TPM will have the ability to connect one-to-one with you, build personable relationships and credibility whilst becoming your Trusted Advisor.

How to choose a Hardware Maintenance Provider

Watch this explainer video from Service Express to see how to choose a TPM provider in a flash!


Make the Switch to Make IT Happen

Take some time when evaluating which TPM to use and make sure they offer engineering within your company’s location(s) to strict SLAs.  If you are trusting your maintenance to a TPM, talk through your requirements in detail and be sure to look out for the qualities outlined above.

If you would like to find out more about switching your maintenance support from OEM to The ICC Group, and request a quote, please do get in touch to discuss your hardware maintenance services needs. 

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