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Jaguar UK Case Study: Production Hardware Upgrade

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The Challenge

When your production environment runs on a legacy DEC Alpha hardware, the risks are obvious – maintainability and reliability are difficult to guarantee.  This did not escape the eyes of the Jaguar UK team for whom a system upgrade become paramount – not only to improve system performance, but also to eliminate the risk of system parts becoming obsolete and difficult to source.

Switching the legacy Alpha platform to a Wintel- based solution was ruled out due to high costs. Nevertheless, a highly-reliable solution was needed by Jaguar, considering the hardware was running mission-critical software and potential failures could lead to significant financial loss.

Jaguar was looking to implement a cost-effective solution based on the next generation Alpha platform. Specifically, Jaguar required:

  • Increased performance and reliability for the new system
  • 3-months on-site acceptance tests
  • 8-hour switch over to the new solution, once the all acceptance tests were completed
  • Minimum of 7-year hardware support for new system

The Solution

With ICC providing IT services to Jaguar for many years prior, it was only natural for Jaguar to consult with the ICC team over the issue at hand – upgrading the legacy equipment and ensuring maintainability going forward.

ICC’s professionalism and impeccable service over the years has allowed us to peacefully let them lead the upgrade of our mission-critical production hardware. Mike Kuht, Jaguar UK, May 2016

The Result

ICC built the new Alpha-based systems on its premises within 2 weeks. The new hardware, offering faster CPU’s, more memory and increased storage capacity, was thoroughly tested and then moved to the Jaguar environment for internal verification.

Most importantly, ICC was able to address Jaguar’s top concern – system maintainability. Relying on its extensive spare part warehouse ICC was able to guarantee 7-year hardware supply fix. This was supplemented with a 4-hour fix maintenance on all hardware, and ‘hot spares’ for production servers on Jaguar’s site, which reduce downtime risks.

Case Study Outline


  • Replacement of mission-critical legacy equipment
  • System parts becoming obsolete and difficult to source
  • Maintainability of upgraded legacy system


  • Upgraded legacy system with 7-year guaranteed life span
  • Reduced downtime risk with on-site ‘hot spares’ for production servers
  • Improved system reliability and maintainability


Jaguar UK is the luxury vehicle brand of Jaguar Land Rover, a British multinational car manufacturer headquartered in Whitley, Coventry, England, owned by the Indian company Tata Motors since 2008.

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