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Leading ICC Forward into 2020

We talk to Leon Wheeler, Managing Director of The ICC Group, to find out the reasons behind the new brand identity and company website.

What are your reasons for rebranding?

Over recent years the company has grown and developed significantly, and we feel that the brand identity and website has been somewhat left behind.   We realised that it wasn’t obvious to our customers why the existing logo was designed, nor the original meaning behind it – therefore could people understand our message at first glance?   The old logo now seems outdated and we don’t feel like the website reflects our services or our market position as it should.

So, with that in mind, we decided it was time for a refresh.  Our main reasons for rebranding are to update our brand identity and bring our website into line with business now and as we move forward into 2020.  We are also streamlining our expanded services under one cohesive identity as The ICC Group, this name has been established as the umbrella of all our IT services, solutions and support.  We hope that the new ICC logo, font, colours and slogan ‘Making IT Happen’ will help customers understand our message at first glance with a positive and memorable first impression.

Where do you see ICC positioned in the IT marketplace?

Our new brand identity is how we want to be perceived by our target audience, whilst also being positioned as leading experts in the IT industry.  We have taken a relaxed, consumer friendly and humorous route to establishing our expertise within IT.  Our new website imagery reflects a slightly quirky, more personable and different approach to what is currently offered by other providers within technology.  We also see ICC as a more personable and flexible supply partner to the SME market, focusing on what our customers need, not what the vendor demands.

Since our last rebrand, when we were a single site hardware re-seller, we have grown into a multinational complete solutions provider and we feel the new brand identity and the ICC Group encompasses this.

How is the brand aligned with what you do?

We believe that our brand is critical to business success offering a clear and concise message of commitment and quality to our ever-growing customer base.   By bringing the brand together as the ICC group, this also internally solidifies all our departments from hardware to service bringing unity to what has become a multinational business within the last 5 years.

I see the brand aligned to a clear, concise, dynamic and an alternative message to what can be quite a dull industry within the IT sector.   When reviewing and planning the direction of our new brand identity we wanted to appeal to customers and partners in a more light-hearted but professional manner, with a much more interesting approach.

What do you hope to achieve by redesigning your company website?

We hope to achieve a powerful online presence which is informative, inspiring, user friendly and lead generating.  We want our audience to feel that they are in safe hands with ICC and be rest assured by our industry expertise and trust which we have developed and established with customers since 1998.

Sometimes the IT industry can be somewhat impersonal, however, we feel we have developed a website that promotes an extensive technology services offering which has a friendly and personable approach to business requirements.  We think that the new website and branding also clearly defines what we do as a business in the hardware and service sector driven by what ICC deliver and not what vendors would rather deliver.

What makes ICC stand out from competition?

We believe ICC stands out from competition by being flexible, independent, privately owned, non-vendor specific and by providing a multinational offering with the best value for money solutions for all industry types and business sizes.   We are fully committed to our customer’s requirements by providing solutions tailored to their needs whilst ensuring the best return on their technology’s investment.

Our mission statement really portrays how we operate:

To provide our customers with professional IT solutions
that complement their business requirements and
exceed their expectations.

Our five main USPs show how ICC stands out from other technology providers, and we have really highlighted these on our new website homepage by using unique, customer friendly images, these are as follows:

  1. We are here to serve you: Providing comprehensive and customer focussed service to businesses in the UK, Europe and across the Globe.
  2. Reach out for the best of breed services: Top technology provider with strong multi-vendor partnerships – we are the trusted IT partner of choice.
  3. Industry leading experience and support: Celebrating over 21 years of independent business and industry leading global IT services and solutions.
  4. Bespoke IT… tailored for your business: Ensuring our customers get the best possible solution for their requirements and the best possible return on their investment.
  5. End to end IT solutions straight out of the box: Brand new or refurbished technology from leading Tier 1 vendors supplied and supported to complement your business needs.

How will your new brand identity be integrated into the company?

The new brand identity will be integrated into the company through marketing channels such as social media, events, advertising and email campaigns to promote the new branding and show customers and partners our new image as a global industry leader of IT services and support.  We have completely revised and replaced all aspects of our company image including external and internal signs across all our UK offices.  We also have brand new staff uniform, brochures and customer giveaways all streamlined with the new logo and images.  Our new logo and slogan are an integral part of the design and, by communicating our new brand consistently, far and wide, our new image will be deep-rooted so that customers and partners remember The ICC Group and our message ‘Making IT Happen’.

The ICC Group Logo