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NASA Moon Landing Quiz

Moon Landing Quiz

On 20th July, 51 years ago, Neil Armstrong made history as the Eagle Module landed at Tranquillity base and he became the first man to walk on the moon.

Much of the technology needed to get to the lunar surface didn’t exist as NASA’s Apollo missions were being planned. In today’s modern world, space exploration is quickly making its way back into the public eye; to celebrate this along with the anniversary of the Moon Landing, we have created a small quiz based on the technology used in the NASA Apollo missions.

See how many answers you can get correct and let us know how you did!

Apollo MissionLets start off with an easy question, which Apollo mission number was the first to land humans on the moon and bring them safely back to Earth?

Neil ArmstrongDo you know how fast the astronauts were travelling when the Apollo spacecraft fired rocket engines from Earth orbit to send them to the moon?

NASA Apollo Guidance Computer

Modern phones today have at least 4GB RAM (Random Accessed Memory). What was the RAM capacity of the Apollo Guidance Computer onboard Apollo 11?

Integrated Circuit BoardWhat percentage of integrated circuits in the USA were being manufactured specifically for the computers for the Apollo program at its peak?

Data Entry Punch CardDeveloping the AGC software before the first Moon landing was a mammoth task. Do you know how many man-hours it took the team of 350 people to develop the software?

Apollo 16 SplashdownParachutes were used on the Apollo space capsules to slow them down as they fell back to Earth after going to the moon. Do you know how much thread, and how many stitches were used for each parachute?

Apollo 11 CapsuleOn their way back home, the Apollo astronauts were hurtling back through the Earth's atmosphere at a staggering 25,000 mph. Do you know how much heat was generated upon re-entry?

View of Earth from the Moon
The astronauts aboard the Apollo 11 spacecraft were travelling for 76 hours before they reached the Moon. But do you know how far away the Moon is from Earth?

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