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Proactive Monitoring

Let us proactively monitor your IT environment remotely.  We will take care of any issues as soon as they arise and deal with them from start to finish, enabling you to utilise your time more efficiently.

How does it work?

Our monitoring software allows us to deploy agents seamlessly onto your network, including servers, workstations and any device with an IP address, allowing us to see information regarding performance, errors and even identify service improvements.   Therefore, effectively managing your IT endpoints and identifying issues remotely, consistently and immediately.  Download our extended ‘Proactive Monitoring System‘ information handout.

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Benefits of Proactive Monitoring

  • Risk mitigation and enhanced risk management
  • Reduces operational costs
  • Increases flexibility and tailored to your business needs
  • Improves efficiency and quickly implement new projects
  • Focus on your core business not your IT
  • One point of contact for all your IT requirements
  • Access to experience, depth of knowledge and resilience
  • Ensures business protection, compliance and security updates
  • Full audit of workstations and servers
What are the key elements of proactive monitoring?

1. Visibility

We will discover your assets and systems with ICC’s automate agent deployment tool and offer full asset inventory management.  This means we can deliver value added services with associated cost benefits direct to you.

∗  Visibility of assets and devices
∗  Full asset inventory management
∗  Agent-less remote management

2. Management

We will control your systems with the power to remotely solve issues and support multiple machines simultaneously.   This will enable us to react fast with remote control without interrupting you.

∗  Desktop & Server Management
∗  Manage infrastructure
∗  Support remote users

3. Patching

We offer automated best-practice patch management that protects your systems from growing security threats.  This means we can secure your systems with essential patching which will save you time and be cost efficient.

∗  Automated audits and best-practice patching
∗  Third-party application updates
∗  Immediate system protection and security compliance
∗  Stay current and up to date

4. Automation

We can deliver next-level service direct to you and enhance efficiency by automating desktop and server management, network devices and more, from simple tasks to complex processes through automation.

∗  Streamline IT operations with maximum productivity
∗  Manage multiple devices
∗  Perform proactive maintenance
∗  Self-service options for end users

5. Monitoring

24/7/365 remote monitoring of your environments will enable us to proactively solve problems before they start, offering comprehensive monitoring and reporting capabilities that improve response times.

This means that we will be able to find and fix IT issues before you even have chance to report them.  We will be aware of a failed disk or a server running at low capacity before you are, and we will have a part and/or engineer dispatched, armed with the knowledge of the problem and your infrastructure.

∗  Proactive monitoring and support 24/7/365
∗  Automated fixes and problem solving
∗  Reporting capabilities
∗  Improved response times
∗  Prevent issues becoming larger problems

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