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ICC Sleep Rough to Raise Money for Charity

By taking part in this organised event, The ICC Group hope to raise lots of funds for this invaluable service provided by Simon on the streets to help and support the entrenched homeless in Leeds, Bradford and Huddersfield.

The brave team includes Sam, Charlie, Mikey, Liberty, Arber, Leon, Becky C, Becky P, Brian and Joe.   We endeavour to sleep rough for a night to support the homeless in West Yorkshire.  Wish us luck – I think we might need it!

Simon on the Streets exists to provide support to people in our community, who are often excluded from, or who refuse the intervention of other services, with a view to empower them to change their lives.  Adopting a usually long term approach, Simon on the Streets achieve this by providing service users support directly on the street through outreach.  Their support is unconditional, all times of day and night.  They provide motivation towards accessing a wide range of services to help improve the health of our service users and life choices they make.

Please help us to raise money for this highly credible charity by sponsoring our ICC team to complete a night sleeping rough in Leeds on 26th September 2019.

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Thank you for your support.