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Torque Logistics

Torque: ICC Logistics Services Case Study

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The Challenge

Headquartered in Leeds, Torque prides itself on its innovative approach to the handling and transport of goods. The company provides a full range of services, including international freight, transport and distribution, warehousing and logistics and courier services. Its technology platforms enable it to track goods along every stage of the supply chain, from the supplier’s dispatch depot all the way to the client’s door – no matter how far apart they may be nor how many stages there are in between.

The system infrastructure supporting this technology was starting to feel the strain of the organisation’s success. As Torque grew it found its systems were reaching their physical limit and could not provide support for newer operating systems. Warren Voss, IT Manager at Torque, says, “Our business was growing rapidly year on year and needed scalability.”

Network latency and storage capacity were becoming issues and so too was environmental cost management. What’s more, Torque wanted to ensure its disaster recovery and business continuity plans were as comprehensive as possible.

• Disparate systems
• Network latency issues
• Capacity problems
• Insufficient scalability to keep pace with demand
• Slow refresh rates
• Insufficient capacity to mitigate risk

The Solution

ICC worked closely with the company to help assess its immediate and long-term needs, using software tools to scope the size of system needed. A hyperconverged data centre solution was agreed to be the best response not only to Torque’s problems of physical constraint but to its processing, networking and storage capacity requirements now and in future.

Torque’s systems were migrated from its legacy IT stack to a scalable and modular hyperconverged platform from SimpliVity.  This solution comprehensively includes storage, processing power, hypervisor, real-time deduplication, compression and optimization as well as powerful data management, data protection and disaster recovery capabilities. It’s a much easier platform to manage and means the company makes considerable saving on software licenses. It saves on power too: in this area alone the savings are reckoned to be £41,000 over five years.

Veeam restores had been taking eight hours. A restore of a 1TB virtual machine takes around 60 to 80 seconds. This was a big selling point for Torque, as the company had been hit a number of times with ransomware.

The new system has only been up for a few weeks but it’s great. We’ve had no alerts, no alarms, and it’s very quick. We now have the scalability we need too: this upgrade means we have the infrastructure to keep growing and as a result we have an even faster recovery process should we need it. Our average disaster recovery cycle is only two or three seconds, with fast replication. Warren Voss, IT Manager

The Result

The physical space saved with the new platform was remarkable: the footprint for Torque was reduced from two rooms housing four 42U racks to just one 6U rack. The speed of the transition was also impressive: the migration was handled in under a month.

Included in the transition was the removal of Torque’s old kit as a trade-in against the system, as part of ICC’s ITAD (IT asset disposal) service. We also securely wiped the data from the drives to allow resale, thereby creating nearly zero landfill. This service is not something widely available from other suppliers.

As a result Torque’s ‘green footprint’ was reduced in two ways: one, its redundant equipment was disposed of considerately; and two, the system that replaced it was much more environmentally friendly.

With new systems in place and with support from ICC logistics services, Torque is better able to maintain and even improve its impressive customer service record and can pursue ambitious growth plans with confidence.

• Comprehensive single-source solution
• Scalable and modular
• Releases IT time and resources and improves overall productivity
• Significant cost savings on maintenance, support and backup
• Reduced environmental overhead


Torque is an independent supply chain logistics operator offering an end-to-end and international service from its base in the UK.

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