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Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge

The date was 29th May, the morning air was still, with a mysterious mist clouding the morning sun. Around 4:00am, various ICC employees alarm clocks were ringing loud! The challenge was about to begin.

As they traveled, bleary eyed yet full of unwavering optimism, along the winding roads of the Yorkshire dales; the red sky welcomed them to their pre-arranged meeting point in Horton in Ribblesdale.

The ICC team, including Arber, Pog, Jess, Garry H, Ruth, Becky, and Joe, set off on their 25 mile hike at around 6:50am. The mammoth challenge of climbing over 2,000 meters in under 12 hours stood ahead of them! The thought of the Candlelighters charity was fresh in their minds, providing them motivation through unrelenting hardship. The Candlelighters Trust bring light and hope to every family affected by childhood cancer across Yorkshire. It means a lot to the team as individuals and as a company to support this charity.

The first peak reared its ugly head upon the horizon. A scarily steep climb that needs to be tackled imminently upon starting the challenge. The infamous Pen-y-ghent has claimed many a victim.

Pen-y-ghent on the Horizon

The team, looking pretty in pink, stuck together and duly motivated one another to reach the peak! Checkpoint 1 reached. 1-0 to team ICC.

Pen-y-ghent Peak

From Pen-y-ghent, the following descent and subsequent journey to the next peak (Whernside) is quite a beautiful walk. With the sun baking down, the team had time to enjoy each others company whilst taking in the breathtaking views of the Yorkshire dales all around them. The satisfaction of beating the first peak, along with the long walk to Whernside fills you with confidence. This was the time to take on fuel to prepare the body for the day ahead.

With a thick layer of Factor 70 sun cream applied to the various bare heads in the group, the team stopped for their lunch near the base of Whernside. The magnificent Ribblehead Viaduct stands dormant, watching over them.

Ribblehead Viaduct

Whernside is the highest of the Yorkshire 3 Peaks, although it is possibly the most enjoyable climb thanks to its steadier incline. The cloud cover by this part of the day had all but disappeared and the only break from the scorching sun was the welcome breeze that came to meet the team at the peak of Whernside.  2-0 to team ICC, one more pitiful peak to climb!

Whernside Peak

The near vertical climb up Ingleborough was visible as the team traversed their way down from the peak of Whernside. Aches and pains were now starting to become apparent throughout, however the camaraderie and team spirit did not waiver. The challenge was there to be beaten, and only the dark path up Ingleborough stood in their way! Oh, and the remaining 10 miles that the team had to walk to get back to the car in Horton in Ribblesdale…

Sure enough, and in their own time, the team made it to the peak of Ingleborough! An infectious sense of satisfaction spreads its way through the team; almost as if the challenge itself had now been beaten. 3-0 to ICC and the finish line almost in sight!

Ingleborough Peak

Unfortunately there is a deceptively long walk back to the car in Horton, the distance reads around 5 miles on the map.

Yorkshire 3 Peaks Views

There was nothing that could stop them now! With their feet caked in enough blister plasters to fill a small bathtub, they marched toward the finish line where a trip to a nearby fish and chip shop awaited them, courtesy of Leon, ICC C.E.O. The perfect ending to the perfect challenge.

Over the following days, with their feet up relaxing in the bank holiday sun, the sensational news reached them. They had managed to beat their target of £1,500 raised for the Candelighters Trust!! Everything had been worth it in the end.

We would like to thank everyone who supported us in our challenge. As mentioned previously, the money donated will go to the Candlelighters Trust, to help and support every family and child affected by childhood cancer across Yorkshire.

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